About Resin Junkie

Resin is the modern form of amber; a split second captured in three dimensions - forever. Unlike amber, the colours, form and composition of each piece can be manipulated in accordance with a clients wishes. I can replicate a specific coastline, marina, harbour, island, river, lake or tarn as striking and totally unique tables, kitchen islands, breakfast bars, vanity tops or wall art in resin and aged character wood.  Alternatively, I can produce the same useful additions to your home or office incorporating any photograph, document or slim three dimensional object a client chooses. Contact me to discuss how I can recreate your dream.

Mike Orme

 I retired from the Metropolitan Police in 2013 after 30 years service and indulging my lifelong fascination with design and fabrication immediately set up a workshop. Over the following years this has evolved into Resin Junkie and my newly renovated workshop in Ascot, Berkshire where my love of the liquid magic and realisation of clients' dreams continue unabated.

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